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According to Chanakya Niti, people who have these 4 qualities never win in life.


The name of Acharya Chanakya can never be erased from Indian history. Because many people are using his advice even today. Chanakya, who was the Rajguru of the Mauryan dynasty, compiled the struggles of his life in a book called Chanakya Niti.

Chanakya Niti gives advice on how to be successful in life and for peace. That is why even today Chanakya Niti is a famous book. As it is said in Chanakya Niti that some qualities can solve all the problems in one’s life.

Chanakya believed that effort and determination
Success is assured to those who persevere. He emphasized that without hard work and dedication people can never achieve their goals. Chanakya said that along with hard work, the determination to achieve the goal should be strong, only then a person can achieve success.

lack of discipline and self-control
According to Chanakya, success in life requires discipline and self-control. Individuals who lack these qualities easily get distracted from their goals or lose their focus. They go astray in the direction of their goal. Chanakya says that no matter how intelligent you are without discipline, you cannot be successful.

fear of failure
Chanakya emphasized the importance of taking risks and overcoming the fear of failure to achieve success. He believed that people who fear failure often avoid taking necessary risks. This limits their potential for growth and success. In such a situation it becomes difficult to achieve the goal. A person who does not have the courage to take risks cannot achieve success quickly.


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learn from others’ failures
Acharya Chanakya emphasized the importance of learning from the failures and mistakes of others. Not thinking of personal loss, but seeing and understanding the mistakes of others and refraining from repeating them is the mark of a wise man. Such people will have quick victory.

lack of planning
Chanakya emphasizes that planning and strategizing is important to achieve success. Without proper planning and effective strategies, says Chanakyare, one will face a lot of difficulties in achieving one’s goals. Planning and strategies provide direction for success and increase the chances of success.