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A program organized on Mission Life: Advocating to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle


Jaipur, May 29 (Hindustan Times). Central Bureau of Communications, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India Regional Office, Ajmer on Monday RK Kishangarh. A special public awareness program was organized on the theme of mission life at Patni Mahila Mahavidyalaya. Mission Life is run by the Government of India to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle and promote a lifestyle focused on careful, deliberate consumption rather than reckless and wasteful consumption.

Expressing his thoughts on the occasion, Regional Publicity Officer Parag Mandalay said that adopting an environment conscious lifestyle is the greatest need of today’s times. In a market-oriented economy, where excessive and unnecessary consumption is encouraged, it not only burdens the finite resources of our planet, but also creates an imbalance in the climate and environment, which is essential for our survival in the future. will prove fatal. He said that we all can contribute to saving the environment by making small changes in our lifestyle. He also urged the adoption of the famous 3Rs Reduce, Reuse and Recycle along with the fourth R Refuge to protect the environment.

Principal of the college Ravi Sharma said that it is the duty of today’s generation to contribute to environment conservation with full seriousness. They should contribute towards achieving this larger goal by adopting eco-friendly habits. As they lead in various fields in the future, they also have a responsibility to ensure that we leave a safe and prosperous earth for future generations.

The program was conducted by Technical Assistant Bharat Bhargava. Chauhan took effective interest in the College’s National Service Scheme. A drawing competition was organized for the students on this occasion. The winning contestants were felicitated with prizes and certificates.