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A case has been filed against four including the watchman in the case of gang-rape with a Dalit woman


Moradabad, May 25 (Hindustan Times). A Dalit woman resident of Kundarki area of ​​Moradabad police station has alleged in her tahrir that after an argument with her husband on May 18, she went to the watchman’s place, where she was gang-raped and murdered by four people, including the watchman. Threatened to kill her. On the complaint of the victim, the police station has registered a case against accused Bablu Saini, Taiyab, Harkishore Saini and Birbal under serious sections including gang-rape, threat.

The victim, who alleged gang-rape, told Tahrir that a week ago on May 18, she had an argument with her husband, after which she angrily went to the house of watchman Bir Singh, a resident of Malak, Barapur. According to the woman, the watchman left her home saying he was on duty. Around two o’clock in the afternoon, Bablu of the village came to the watchman’s house and left after questioning the victim. It is alleged that at about 8.15 o’clock the same night accused Bablu reached the watchman’s house taking Taiyab, Harkishore and Birbal with him. From there the four took the woman home asking her to take her home and kept her hostage in Birbal’s hut a little way from the village.

The victim alleged that between 9 pm and 4 am, Bablu kept threatening her with a pistol and Taib with a knife. Meanwhile, Harkishore and Birbal raped each other. Also, the victim silenced the victim by threatening to kill her if she complained to anyone. The victim said that the next day on May 19, the accused Bablu and Harkishore took her on a bike and reached Moradabad SSP office. There, the accused typed a complaint letter against three people including the woman’s husband and gave it to the SSP. Later she was taken back and kept in a hut, from where the woman somehow reached her brother-in-law’s house in Mohanpur Takhtpur. He narrated the incident to his brother-in-law. The husband also reached there after getting the information. Later, the victim along with her husband reached the Kundarki police station and filed a complaint against the accused, but no action was taken. Due to which the morale of the accused increased and all the accused started threatening the woman.

The victim later approached SSP Hemraj Meena. The SSP ordered the police station to register a case against the accused, after which police station Kundarki registered an FIR against the accused on Thursday. Sunil Kumar, in-charge of Thana Kundarki, said that the matter is being investigated, action will be taken according to whatever facts come up in the investigation.