In the midst of the Ukraine-Russia war, the US and Germany are set to announce that both countries may provide their main tanks to Kyiv to counter Moscow. Both countries have agreed to supply powerful weapons to Ukraine. There is a possibility that on Wednesday both the countries may announce the delivery of Leopard-2 tanks and M-1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. The Biden administration is expected to announce on Wednesday that it will offer M-1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Germany will also send 14 (A)6 tanks of the Vepard-2 series to Ukraine. Due to these antics of America and Germany, the army of Ukraine can be stronger than before.

The combat capability of the army of Ukraine will increase

It is expected that the acquisition of these tanks will increase the combat capability of the Ukrainian army. Will be able to stop the invasion of Russia. Ukrainian military officials fear that Russia will invade Ukraine after the winter. Military officials hope that the US-German tanks will thwart Russia’s plans.

The rift in NATO countries will be bridged

There were disagreements among NATO countries regarding the supply of tanks to Ukraine. But this decision of America and Germany will also help in bridging the gap between NATO countries. Now other European countries will also be able to move forward on the issue of supplying tanks to Ukraine. The NATO organization is already working on a strategy to isolate Russia and its President Putin from all over the world on the war front.

Drug shortage crisis deepens in Russia: Prices skyrocket

The war with Ukraine and sanctions imposed by the West are now beginning to have a major impact on Russia. There is a severe shortage of many essential medicines in Russia’s drug stores. Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged on Tuesday that there is a shortage of some drugs in the country and that prices have risen despite increased production in the country. Although Western countries have outlawed prescription drugs, transportation systems have affected distribution. Statistics from the pharmaceutical industry show that war and other embargoes have severely disrupted the supply of the drug. Russian President Putin said in a televised interview with top officials that there have been shortages of some medicines. Despite this fact, we have registered a growth of about 22 per cent in the production of pharmaceutical products in the first three quarters of last year. she added,