The plane took off, the spark of fire started coming out!  The life of the passengers is hanging on the palate

A horrifying video of a United Airlines plane has surfaced. The video shows a spark emanating from one wing of the plane during take-off. Anyone who saw the spark emanating from the plane was terrified of something going wrong. From this it can be guessed that what must have been the condition of the passengers sitting in the plane. The sparks emanating from the plane are falling on the ground. The plane is a Boeing 777-200 registered as N787UA, the video of which is now increasingly being shared on social media.

The plane is said to have been flying between Newark, New Jersey and Sao Paulo, Brazil. A spark was seen as the plane took off from Newark High Airport on Wednesday. The pilot of the aircraft carefully followed a holding pattern over the Atlantic Ocean, circling several times, until most of the aircraft’s fuel was exhausted. This is so that even if a crash landing does occur, the chances of a major accident remain small. An hour and a half later the plane returned to Newark Airport.




Spark from old planes?

After watching the video, many people commented that it was due to old United Airlines planes. The information as to why this incident happened is not available. Although airlines have inducted the old fleet, it is a matter of great concern. United Airlines has ordered more than a dozen Boeing 737 MAX planes to incorporate the new aircraft, which it will receive by 2023.

hydraulic pressure pump failed

The United Airlines flight took off in 11.24 hours. The aircraft’s hydraulic pressure pump malfunctioned just after takeoff. “Our aircraft suffered a mechanical problem shortly after takeoff,” AeroExplorer said in a statement. It paused in the air to burn fuel and then returned safely. The passengers were deboarded safely and sent back by another aircraft.