Members of his own party rebelled against Rishi Sunak in Britain

Rishi Sunak is facing opposition from dozens of Conservative members of his own party over plans to build a house in the UK. Some members are against it and want to amend it. Sunak has a majority of 69 members but if the Labor Party and other opposition parties support the rebels, Sunak will face defeat and the bill will have to be amended. A government official said, the bill will be discussed on Wednesday.

Previous governments have also faced opposition regarding this plan to build houses in Britain. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson also faced opposition from members of his own party for implementing the plan. According to data from the Office for National Statistics, construction of around 206,000 new homes will start in 2021-22. Former environment secretary Theresa Villiers is also opposing the bill to change the scheme and has proposed it.

Late Tuesday night, he described the government’s decision to go to the polls as an important victory. Ministers know they need to listen to us and need more time to find a solution. There should be change, he said. Housing has long been a point of contention in the party. Many party members want to talk to local communities about where to build houses. Controversy is also going on regarding Greenfield and Brownfield.

Damian Green, one of the potential rebels, wrote that in a way the plan failed to recognize the problems facing different parts of the country. National averages for house prices are meaningless in the real world as the same house will cost many times more depending on the area. Sunak’s spokesman, Max Blaine, said Sunak remained committed to the government’s target of building 300,000 homes. He said the Department for Leveling Up, Housing and Communities and its Secretary of State Michael Gove were working on this. very focused.