Layoffs continue in the US amid global economic challenges. Many big tech companies have sent thousands of their employees home. US President Joe Biden has expressed concern that it is directly affecting his family. White House Press Secretary Jean Pierre said that the US President understands that leaving a job directly affects the family of an employee. The Biden administration is trying to stabilize the economy and is committed to ensuring that the American economy continues to work for everyone.

A large number of those who have lost jobs in the US are Indian IT professionals, who are living in the US on H-1B visas. Now they have to find a new job within the time limit set by their visa rules to stay in the US, which is a daunting task. Basically H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa, which allows US companies to sponsor foreign workers. Significantly, even during the tenure of Donald Trump, visa had become difficult for Indians. Relief was expected when the new government came. However, due to the impact of global recession due to Ukraine war and Corona, the path has now become difficult.

Layoffs in companies from Google to Facebook

Talking about big IT companies, the process of retrenchment is going on from Google to Microsoft and Facebook. Earlier, companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon had laid off on a large scale. After that, recently giant companies like Google have announced the layoff of 12 thousand employees. Earlier, 18,000 employees were laid off from Amazon and 10,000 from Facebook’s parent company Meta.