Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has once again praised India. Even before this, he has praised India many times. Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov has made a big statement for India amidst the possibilities of recession. Lavrov said that India is the economic powerhouse of the South Asian region and also has a huge impact on the global economy which no other country can surpass. Lavrov mentioned the names of both India and China and said that these countries are not only acting as powerhouses in their region but also their potential cannot be ignored at the global level. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has earlier praised India for its openness. Lavrov had earlier strongly supported India’s permanent membership of the UN Security Council and said at an international forum last December that India’s strong stand on several global issues has increased its importance. He said that India is among the leading countries in terms of economic development. Apart from this, he also has good experience in solving many challenges. India has a good hold on Asia and hence India’s claim in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is strong.

India also plays a major role in regional organizations

The Russian Foreign Minister said that India’s role is huge not only in the United Nations but also in regional organizations. India’s role in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) also cannot be ignored. Significantly, before this, France and Britain have also presented a proposal to give permanent membership to India in the United Nations Security Council. Apart from this, France had said about India that the countries which are emerging as powerful countries should also be given place in UNSC. This includes Germany, Japan and Brazil along with India.

World media is also looking towards Indian PM

World media sees Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in ending Ukraine war. The world media claims that if anyone can bring the two warring countries to the negotiating table, it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They can play an important role in facilitating communication between war-torn neighbors.

Lavrov’s rain on America-Western countries

At the same time, Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov made serious allegations against America and Western countries, saying that these countries are creating obstacles in talks with Ukraine. Lavrov said that Russia had wanted to negotiate with Ukraine since the beginning of the war. But America and other western countries are misleading Ukraine. Significantly, one year of war between Russia and Ukraine will be completed next month. India has always maintained a strong stand on this war and has clearly stated that this is not the era of war. All countries should adopt the path of peace through dialogue.