The condition of Pakistan is getting worse day by day. Due to the shortage of wheat, the water problem is also becoming serious for the poor country. The water crisis has deepened in Sindh-Punjab and Balochistan. The treasury of the country is continuously getting empty and the government has no way out of this economic crisis. Pakistan, which is looking towards other countries for loans, has now received a setback from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as well.

Situation worsens in Balochistan

As far as the recent situation in Pakistan is concerned, there is no electricity to remove the darkness in the country, there is no bread in the plate of the people, there is no LPG gas for cooking and now there is a shortage of drinking water. In such a situation, the life of the people is becoming difficult. According to reports, all parts of Balochistan state are facing water scarcity and the problem is getting worse. It has been said that drinking water filter plants are getting spoiled due to the negligence and lack of supervision of the administration. Due to which the water shortage is getting worse in the economically distressed country.

Water scarcity in Sindh and Punjab provinces as well

According to the report, only 25 percent of the people in Balochistan of Pakistan are getting clean water for drinking. Not only in Balochistan but also in Sindh province, a similar situation is being seen. Apart from this, the problem of water in Punjab province is increasing day by day. Punjab needs 1,27,800 cusecs of water while it is getting only 53,100 cusecs. Up to 75 per cent people in the state are facing water scarcity.

Government’s attempt to save money

According to the report, the National Austerity Committee constituted by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif is considering several measures to overcome the economic crisis. The committee has also proposed a 10 per cent reduction in the salaries of government employees. Not only this, the committee has proposed a 15 percent reduction in the expenditure of ministries and departments. Also advised to reduce the number of ministers. The committee also recommended the government to reduce the number of advisors from 78 to 30. While the rest will work without money.

Pakistan is getting worse day by day

The condition of Pakistan is getting worse and worse. It is becoming difficult to meet everyday needs like flour and onions in Pakistan. The situation is that Pakistan’s economy is crumbling. Pakistan, which is facing severe economic crisis, has become dependent on the mercy of foreign countries. Every day is passing through a period of crisis for Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis. The economic condition of Pakistan is such that Pakistan does not have enough foreign exchange reserves even for one month’s imports. Even after taking loan from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan is in danger of default.

Funfa to eat people in Pakistan

Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have reached the level of 2014. According to some media reports, Pakistan has only three weeks of foreign exchange reserves left. At the same time, the inflation rate is close to 25 percent. Meanwhile, the wheat crisis has created a flour drought situation in the country. Here the price of flour has crossed Rs 150 per kg. The pictures and videos of the fight for bread are presenting a clear picture of the country’s deplorable condition. People are chasing trucks full of flour for many kilometers and then fighting with each other for each sack.