‘Pakistan was broken by politics’ The pain of playing against India spilled

Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa said on Wednesday that the partition of Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh was not a military failure, but a political failure. In his last public address before retirement, General Bajwa criticized the anti-Army statements and asked the leaders to move forward for the country. The Pakistan Army General, who had suffered humiliating defeats in four wars, in his final speech praised the Pakistan Army and criticized India.

General Bajwa said, ‘Today I want to talk about an issue about which people avoid talking. That is the issue of 1971 war. The partition of Pakistan was not a military but a political failure. The number of fighting soldiers was not 92 thousand but only 34 thousand. The rest belonged to various government departments. These 34 thousand people were fighting against 2.5 lakh Indian Army and 2 lakh trained Mukti Bahini. Our army fought very bravely. These heroes have not got the honor of martyrdom till date.




Pakistan had surrendered

It seems from the statements of General Bajwa that he wants to show the Pakistan army as brave while moving forward. His statement regarding the defeat of Pakistan in the 1971 war suggests that the Indian army was outnumbered and thus the Pakistani army was defeated. But he forgot to mention in his speech that the Pakistani army did not lose because it did not fight at all. Pakistani Army officers surrendered to the Indian Army.

India attacked with preparation

Bajwa is the highest officer of the Pakistan Army, but he forgot an important rule related to war policy to make his army brave. That is, the war is not won by numbers but by courage and strategy. General Bajwa is referring to the 1971 war, when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister and Sam Manekshaw was the Army Chief. Indira Gandhi asked Manekshaw to go to war in April. Maneksha had clearly said then that the army is not ready yet. Within a few months the rains would come and the entire Indian army would be trapped in the floods of Bangladesh and thousands of soldiers would die. India attacked on December 3 with full preparation and by December 16 brought the Pakistani army to its knees.