‘Corona explosion’ as cold increases in China, highest number of cases reported in 1 day

The fear of Corona has once again spread in China. Daily cases of Covid have exploded in China. According to the National Health Bureau of China, a total of 31,454 cases have been reported in China in 24 hours. Four days ago i.e. on 20 November, 26,824 cases were reported. Kovid-19 has killed three people in Beijing in six months. China has a strict zero covid policy. The country has been working tirelessly to contain the spread of the infection amid lockdowns, mass testing and travel restrictions.

Corona has spread so much in China that online education is being given in schools in Beijing. According to a report, under the new measures, travelers going to Beijing will have to stay in Quarantine for three days.

On 11 November, China announced the relaxation of the Kovid-19 rules. Under this, mandatory quarantine after traveling abroad was also abolished. Corona testing was canceled on a large scale in many cities. Shops, schools and restaurants remained closed in Beijing’s Haidian and Chaoyang districts.

3.5 million people are imprisoned in their homes in Chaoyang, Beijing.

Health officials have urged Chaoyang’s roughly 3.5 million residents to stay at home. More than 1,400 cases were identified in Beijing on Monday, with 783 reported in Chaoyang alone. It is the first time Beijing has recorded more than 1,000 new cases in a single day since the outbreak began in late 2019.

Demonstration at iPhone factory amid lockdown

Workers at the world’s largest iPhone factory in China have gone on violent strike in recent days. Several videos were posted on social media on Wednesday, showing thousands of protesters confronting policemen wearing protective suits. Meanwhile, the police were found hitting a man on the head with a baton. While the other was taken away with his hands tied. A post on social media said that these people were protesting against the violation of contract rules.

An operator of the company ‘Foxconn Technology Group’ said that the employees are staying at their workplace. They were not in contact with the outside world. Last month, thousands of workers walked out of factories, complaining of inadequate protection against the coronavirus and no help for sick co-workers.

risk of stroke in children due to kovid

After getting infected with corona, the risk of ‘stroke’ may increase in children. A report of the American study has been published this week in the journal ‘Pediatric Neurology’. The study reviewed the medical charts and diagnostic procedures of 16 hospitalized patients with stroke due to reduced blood flow between March 2020 and June 2021. Most of these cases occurred between February and May 2021, days after the rapid emergence of coronavirus infection among children. About half of these samples tested positive for the infection.

None of the 16 samples showed serious infection, and some patients were asymptomatic, said study lead author Mariglen J. Wilkes, University of Utah health expert said. He said that in the last five patients it was confirmed that there was no covid infection. “It could be an overactive immune response that occurs later and causes clots in children,” he said.