Croatia vs Morocco 0-0 draw, third leg goalless

The FIFA World Cup Football 2022 Group F match between Morocco and Croatia ended in a 0-0 draw without goals. Even in injury time, both the teams tried their best to score but none succeeded. This is the third match in the World Cup which has been goalless. Earlier there was no goal scored in the match between Poland and Mexico. Then the match between Denmark and Tunisia was also a 0-0 draw. 2018 World Cup runners-up Croatia were considered favorites to win the match. Due to the draw, both the teams had to settle for one point each.

The Moroccan team made eight attempts on goal in the match, but only two of those shots hit the goal post. Croatia had five attempts with two shots on target but no goals. The Croatian team performed with better rhythm and coordination than Morocco, and their players dominated the ball for 65 percent of the match. A yellow card was shown to a Moroccan player. The Croatian players passed the ball to each other 642 times during the match and the team got five penalty corners which went in vain.