Planets are afflicted, this remedy will be beneficial

According to the principles of astrology, each planet gives its own result. There is no solution mentioned in the scriptures for this, but if the condition of the planet is doubtful, then it is considered to be a matter of taking measures for it. Know how to take help of planets by making them favorable in Lal Kitab

Wearing objects or animals related to inauspicious planets (Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) and seeking forgiveness from those planets favors them. To avoid economic loss, to avoid the evil of Saturn, crows should be fed bread. If the fertility is deteriorating, then feeding bread to the dog and drinking milk boiled in golden milk gives good children. Two planets have a big hand behind every planet being inauspicious. These planets are Rahu and Ketu. By removing the defect of one of these two planets, you get auspicious results.

By making jaggery bread on a big griddle and feeding it to the poor, the effect of Mars is reduced. Cow grass is a remedy to remove the inauspicious effects of Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Take out one part for the cow, one part for the dog and one part for the crow from the plate served at the time of daily meals. Feed them after eating.

To remove the inauspicious effects of Rahu, place grass or any grain like wheat, millet, millet on the ground and place any heavy object on it and pour barley milk in running water. If the father is suffering because of his daughter, tie a square piece of copper around the daughter’s neck. Planet Shanti Ritual does not cause inauspicious effects

Any remedy should be done for at least 40 days and maximum for 43 days. If this remedy cannot be done daily then it should be done every eighth day