According to Vastu Shastra, there are some things which suit every zodiac sign. According to your zodiac, if you keep those things in your house or around, then you get success in business, progress in job, success in studies, concentration of mind and health.

Keep these things in the house according to the zodiac

Aries – Copper idol or earthen lamp filled with vermilion

Taurus – Dakshinavarti conch

Gemini – Crystal Ball in a Glass Bowl

Cancer – pearls and pearls

Singh – betel nut wrapped in red cloth


Tula – Shree Yantra

Scorpio – Keep the water of the Ganges in the urn

Sagittarius – Gomti Chakra or Panchmukhi Rudraksha

Capricorn – horseshoe

Kumbh – white stone idol

Fish – sea salt or whole salt

If you do not know your zodiac sign then it is good to keep some special things at home.

To maintain good health – keep water in conch and glass

Shree Yantra – for wealth and financial gain

A yellow or green crystal pyramid for concentration

To get children – Flute or idol of child Krishna

For happiness and peace in the house – keep a small glass cup filled with salt in every corner of the room.

This remedy will give auspicious results

Use salt water to clean the house. Blow the conch shell in every room of the house in the morning. Add cardamom seeds or basil leaves while cooking rice. Use incense sticks or scented liquid in every corner of the house. It will be better if you light an incense stick and keep it under the bed.