Hearing has started in the constitution bench of Supreme Court on the appointment of Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioner. The central government handed over the file for the appointment of Election Commissioner Arun Goyal to the bench. AG R Venkataramani has handed over the files from the central government to the judges. I want to remind this court that we are not conducting a mini trial on this. Justice Joseph said, no…we understand.

After that Attorney General R Venkataramani gave detailed information about the whole process. He said that the Ministry of Law and Justice itself prepares the list of potential candidates. Then the most suitable person is selected from among them. The role of the Prime Minister is also important in this.

Questioning the Central Government, the Supreme Court said, why such haste in the appointment of the Election Commissioner? Why such superfast placement?

Justice Joseph said that we are hearing the matter on the 18th. The day you forward the file, the PM recommends his name. Why so early?

Justice Ajay Rastogi said that the post was for 6 months. After that, when the court started hearing in this matter, then why the sudden appointment? Questioning the speed with which the file was processed and the appointment made, Justice Ajay Rastogi said everything was done within 24 hours.

The Attorney General said that he would answer everything but the court should give him a chance to speak. Justice Joseph said, we are actually concerned about the constitution.

The court asked, on what basis did the Ministry of Law and Justice select those 4 names? How did you choose the right name among those four? Justice Joseph said, we are more concerned with the process adopted by the government. You should objectively state that the selected person has an excellent academic record and is a gold medalist in Mathematics, but the post requires independence.