take help of social media

You can take the help of social media to find old friends. In such a situation, you can search your friends and ask their status through messages. This will restart your conversation with friends and your friendship will start to grow.

make plans to hang out with friends

Planning a trip is the best option to bond with friends after the wedding. You will not only be able to spend time with friends but also relive the old days by having fun while traveling. In such a situation, your bonding with friends will also be strong.

invite friends over for dinner

After marriage you can again go to friends and invite them for dinner at home. Apart from this, you can also plan a party outside. You can make your friends feel special by ordering their favorite dishes and strengthen your friendship as well.

go home and surprise

You can also surprise your friends by going to their house. They will be happy to see you suddenly and your friendship car will start again.