The house was deserted for 17 years… the body of the actress was rotting for 3 days

Parveen Babi .. was one such actress of the 80s and 90s who made people crazy with her strong acting and beauty. At that time a crowd of people gathered to get a glimpse of it. There were long queues in theaters to watch it. After reaching such heights, Parveen Babi passed away in the year 2005.

Behind the flash of the camera lies a different world whose identity was seen before and after Parveen Babi’s death. Parveen Babi had made millions of people crazy. There was no one there for her when she was battling mental illness. Even when she died, no one came to know about her for three days. It has been 17 years since Parveen Babi left this world, but even today her flat in Mumbai is deserted. The flat in which Parveen Babi’s body was found is on the 7th floor of Riviera Building in Juhu area of ​​Mumbai. This building is on the banks of the famous Juhu Beach. This roof is flat.

Parveen Babi’s seafront flat is where people yearn to live. But today people shy away from buying Parveen’s seaside flat. Neither it is getting any buyer nor is anyone ready to give it on rent. According to a report, the source says- ‘This flat is not only for sale but is also available on rent. 15 crores being sold. If someone is to be hired then the rent will be Rs 4 lakh per month.

According to the information, Jitendra is coordinating with the brokers. However, it is not yet clear whether he is the owner of the flat or not, as the name plate in the lobby of the building still bears Parveen Babi’s name, while on the other hand, ‘Parveen Babi Charitable Trust’ is written on the door. flat.

A tenant was living in 2014

In the year 2014, an Aggarwal was living as a tenant in Parveen Bobby’s flat but ran into trouble when he was accused of using it for commercial purposes. After this he was asked to leave the flat with his family.

Why don’t people want to buy flats?

The source revealed- ‘People visiting the flat there are either unaware that they are being brought to Parveen Babi’s flat but as soon as they come to know that the house belongs to late actress Parveen Babi, they take it. refuse to. It is very strange that such thoughts come in people’s mind because Parveen Babi’s death has happened naturally. Because of schizophrenia, many of his organs had stopped working. Perhaps people have an idea that four days after his death, his body was found in the flat. Which makes them feel uncomfortable.

Significantly, Parveen Babi worked in more than one film in her career but gradually she became a mental patient. He felt that someone wanted to kill him. Due to her illness, her friends and close friends started turning away from her and she was left alone for the last time. Parveen was said to be suffering from diabetes and foot ailment ‘Gangreen’, due to which her kidney and several other organs had stopped functioning. This led to his death, but after his death his body was left to rot in the flat for three days. The neighbors feared something untoward after seeing a pile of milk and newspapers outside their flat. When the door opened, the truth came out.