The Tunisha Sharma suicide case shook the entire industry. Shizan Khan has been in jail for a long time in this case. Shijan’s lawyer applied for his bail several times, but till date he has not got any relief in this matter. While Sheezaan is in jail, her family is outside trying to prove their son’s innocence, but in the meantime, Sheezaan’s sister and TV actress Fluke Naaz takes a turn for the worse. Due to which he has been admitted to the hospital.


The news of Fluck’s ill health is continuously going viral on social media. Along with this, his mother has also given information about this by sharing a post on social media and she has also expressed her pain in the post. Along with the post, the actor’s mother also shared a picture of her daughter in the hospital. It can be seen in this picture that Fluke is seen sleeping on the hospital bed with his eyes closed. Sharing the post on social media, Shijan’s mother wrote, ‘I do not understand what our family is being punished for and why? My son Shijaan is serving his sentence in jail for the last one month like prisoners without any evidence. My baby girl fluke is admitted in the hospital. Shijan’s younger brother who is an autistic child is ill. Is it a crime for a mother to love another’s child as a mother? It is illegal’.