Actor Hemant Dhome’s tweet: We rebelled that mother used to stab me!  Actor Hemant Dhome’s tweet is being discussed on social media

Mumbai : Legislative Council election (MLC election 2022) passed. All five BJP candidates won this election. After the defeat of the MVIA in the Legislative Council elections, there has been great instability in the MVA. Will the MVIA be overthrown and the government will fall? Such a possibility is being expressed. At present, there is a possibility of a political earthquake in the state. Political agitation has intensified in the state. Meanwhile, around 30 MLAs were in touch with Shiv Sena leader and minister Eknath Shinde in Surat yesterday. Today this number has increased and it is said that 40 MLAs are in touch. All the MLAs including Shinde are now in Guwahati. The rebel MLAs of Shiv Sena left for Guwahati on a SpiceJet flight after midnight on Tuesday. Meanwhile, reactions have started coming from every level on all these developments.

Meanwhile, after yesterday’s drama, social media is being flooded with memes and jokes, just like now the famous actor and director of Marathi cinema Hemant Dhome has also tweeted on his Twitter account. This tweet is going viral on social media and is also becoming very popular. When we rebelled, the mother rebelled. But if she had taken a direct flight to Guwahati, our life would have been different today, what do you say?’ #closed is written in the tweet.


This tweet is currently going viral on social media and is becoming very popular. It has garnered a lot of likes from netizens and is getting scathing replies.