When two Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan share the screen, they are rarely seen. Both the actors have a huge treat for fans in Pathane, which released on January 25. King Khan and Dabangg Khan have come together in Pathan. Salman Khan has a cameo role in this film. This cameo of few minutes has also been leaked on social media.

Salman’s cameo leaked
If you missed the first day first show of Pathan then there is nothing to be disappointed. Because with the premiere of the first show, many clips related to Pathan have been leaked on social media. Shah Rukh and Salman’s cameo scene in Pathan is also one of them. You would have never seen such a combination of Pathan and Tiger. This is the first time Pathan and Tiger are seen acting together on screen. In the leaked video, you can see how Tiger has come to save his friend Pathan from the enemies.
Salman-Shahrukh came together
Lives are at stake amid high octane action sequences. Shahrukh Khan is badly injured. They are surrounded by enemies. Enemies are attacking them with missiles. Then Tiger, who came to save his friend, makes a banging entry. On meeting Pathan, Tiger said – I have come for you. You made a big mistake, didn’t you? King Khan replies – I am a Pathan. After this both give a befitting reply to the enemy. With a machine gun in both hands, he kills enemies by firing bullets, which means complete devastation.
double excitement in fans
The action scenes shot between Pathan and Tiger left fans teary-eyed. Seeing Shah Rukh and Salman Khan together like this, people are clapping in the theatre. The enthusiasm of the people is being seen. Fans of Double Khushi are also aware that the teaser of Salman Khan’s much awaited film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’ with Pathan has been released.
On the other hand, the fans are extorting money from Pathan. In the initial reviews of the film, it has been termed as a super duper hit. The first day box office estimate is between 50-56 crores. It has to be seen how true these predictions made about Pathan prove to be. How accurate was the prediction?