bangle in hand, jhumka ban, air india crew members guidelines

With Air India once again back in the Tata group fold, it continues to be transformed for the better. Now Tata has announced a special guideline for the crew members of Air India. In relation to the grooming of the crew members, a checklist has been issued with a guide to what both men and women should wear and look like.

According to the new guidelines, now women crew members will have to wear only one bangle. Also it should be plain and should not have any fancy work or diamonds in it. Only simple earrings and jhumkas will not be allowed to be worn in the ears. Also, the bindi applied on the head should be shifted by 0.5 cm. can only be applied. Apart from this, the color of lipstick and nail paint has also been fixed.

As far as male crew members are concerned, applying hair gel is mandatory for those crew members who have hair on their head. On the other hand, male crew members who have less hair on their heads should keep their heads clean shaven.

According to the report, the biggest change has been made for the female crew members. Female crew members can no longer sport the high top knots hairstyle. Only 4 black bobby pins will be allowed in the hair. Apart from this, changes have also been made regarding eyeshadow, lipstick, nail paint and hair color.

In the new guidelines issued by Air India, there are special instructions regarding the hair color of the crew members. This applies to both male and female employees. Crew members whose hair has turned gray now have to dye it and report for duty. But henna or dyeing hair in the name of color will not work at all. Must be natural black colour.