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9 Years of Modi Govt: From Defense Budget to Border Infrastructure… Major Changes in Defense in Last 9 Years


It has been 9 years since the Modi government came to power. In this tenure of 9 years, Modi government took many big decisions. Be it triple talaq law or implementation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Some major decisions were also taken regarding the defense sector of the country against the Modi government, which brought about many important changes. Let’s take a look at the changes in the defense sector in these 9 years…

Defense Budget: The defense budget has increased continuously in the last 9 years. From which one can estimate how much the government is committed to strengthening the defense sector of the country. Increased funds in the defense sector have been earmarked for modernization, acquisition, research and development.

Defense Procurement: The government is currently focusing on modern weapons and emerging technologies to strengthen the country’s defense sector. That is why home defense products are also being emphasized. Accordingly, the entire process of defense procurement is being streamlined. The government has emphasized the Defense Procurement Procedure (DPP) and the Make in India initiative to promote domestic defense production to reduce dependence on imports.

Defense Manufacturing: Initiatives like Make in India and Strategic Partnership Model have been used to promote domestic defense manufacturing. Besides, the private sector is also being encouraged to participate in defense production and efforts are being made to attract foreign direct investment.

Defense Modernization: To meet emerging security challenges, the Modi government has emphasized modernization of the armed forces over the past 9 years. To this end, major defense deals and acquisitions have been finalized, including the purchase of fighter jets, submarines, artillery systems, helicopters and missile defense systems.

Defense Diplomacy: Defense diplomacy has also received a lot of attention in the last nine years. Under which India’s defense relations with many countries have been strengthened through bilateral and multilateral military exercises, defense dialogue and technology transfer.

Border Infrastructure: Many efforts have been made to improve infrastructure along India’s borders. The government is keeping a close eye on sensitive areas like India-China and India-Pakistan border. Roads, bridges, tunnels and advanced surveillance systems are being developed to improve border infrastructure.

Defense Reforms: The government has initiated structural reforms to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the defense forces. Under which steps have been taken to promote coordination and integration between the three services and new defense doctrines, establishment of a unified military command.

Defense Technology and Innovation The government has also emphasized on promoting domestic defense technology and innovation in the defense sector to make the country self-reliant. Under which the focus was on reforming the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and collaboration with the private sector.