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237221 students failed in science subject, most failed students in 10th result


Gujarat Board 10th Result 2023: Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education today morning at 8 am on the website of the board. The result of 10th (SSC Result) has been declared. Students can also know the result by sending their seat number on WhatsApp. The eligibility verification application has to be done online.

64.62 percent board exam results of class 10 declared. In the year 2022, the result was 65.18 percent. Compared to the year 2022, there has been a decrease of 0.56 percent in the result.

in which subject how many students failed

  • Maximum 237221 students failed in science subject in 10th
  • 193624 students failed in basic maths in class 10th
  • 97227 students failed in social science in class 10th
  • 96286 students failed in Gujarati FL subject in class 10th
  • 95544 students failed in english sl subject in class 10th
  • 40906 students failed in Hindi SL subject in 10th
  • 34183 students failed in Sanskrit SL subject in 10th class
  • 11258 students failed in Gujarati SL subject in class 10th
  • 4396 students failed in English FL subject in class 10th
  • 3930 students failed in standard maths subject in class 10th
  • 1666 students failed in Hindi FL subject in 10th

Big discussion of result

– Out of 741411 students enrolled, 474893 students have passed.

– Surat District First

– The weakest result in Dahod

– 272 schools got 100 percent results

Not a single case of mass copying has been registered in the state.

– A sharp drop in the number of students with A1 grade. Last year there were 12090 A1 grade, which is 6111 this year.

The number of schools with 100% result was 272 as against 294 last year. There were 121 schools whose result was zero, which is 157 this year.

– A total of 741411 regular candidates were registered in the examination out of which 734898 appeared in the examination.

– Highest 95.92 percent result from Kumbhariya of Banaskantha

– The lowest result was 11.94 percent from Narmada Rush Center.

The district with the highest result is Surat 76.45 percent.

The lowest result is 40.75 percent of Dahod district.

– 1084 schools with less than 30 percent result

16 percent students failed in Gujarati subject.

While 165690 candidates were registered as repeat candidates. In these 158623 examinees were present. Out of which 27446 candidates passed, their result was 17.30 percent.

Apart from this, out of total 16745 candidates registered as private candidates, 14635 candidates were present. Out of which 1915 candidates are eligible for the certificate. Their result has been 13.09 percent.