Thursday , September 23 2021

‘Zombie fish’ found again in Australia


Twenty years ago, the extinct ‘zombie fish’ has started appearing again. Scientists do not want to lose this purple fish gazelle again. 20 years ago it was spotted in Victoria. After that, two of these were found in the Middle Reedy Lake in 2019.


On this, the Southern Purple Spotted Gajan Advisory Group was set up and scientists and researchers immediately started searching for other creatures of the same species. Two years later it has been announced that 66 other organisms have been found. Adrian Martins of Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning says the team is also focusing on fish populations in other parts of the state. He said that this is not only an opportunity to bring this fish back but also to increase and spread its population where they were earlier found. Due to reasons like water pollution and the arrival of insects, their population has been affected. Scientists will send this fish to small reservoirs where they will be brewed.


These will be increased in better water and wetland. Peter Rose of the North Central Cashment Management Authority says that the fish where it lives is a very special area. These fish are wetland specialists and live in dense thickets. These special ghazans are 8–10 cm long. These form the diet of birds that eat small fish. Rose said, ‘These Wetland Specialist fishes have disappeared and they are an important source of food for the birds of the water. We want to bring them back because the water birds will also come back from them.

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