Sunday , September 19 2021

Worship in this temple gives freedom from the fault of Nagbali along with Pitradosh.

Lord Shiva is called Mahadev, the God of gods. Lord Shiva is most worshiped in the form of Shiva Linga in this land. Not only this, there are many such temples of Lord Shiva in the whole country, where devotees fulfill their wishes by worshiping. Lord Shiva is pleased by offering water to the Shivling and anointing him with milk. That is why it is also called Bholenath.

One gets freedom from the sin of Nagbali.

There are many Shiva temples across the country. There are some such temples in these temples. Among the temples, Shri Karkkoteshwar Mahadev present near the Shaktipeeth Shri Harsiddhi Temple of Ujjain is very popular. This temple of Shri Karkkoteshwar Mahadev is years old and there is no fear of snake bites by worshiping here. Here one gets freedom from the possibility of snakebite. 

The octagonal Shivling of Lord Shiva is also installed in this temple. These octagons are symbols of serpents. Not only this, the idol of Nagmata is installed in the temple. Apart from this, Nagyantra is installed in the temple itself. Where by worshiping the devotee becomes free from the fault of Nagbali. This temple is also known for the prevention of Pitru Dosh.

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