Sunday , September 19 2021

Wonderful: Couples live in a live-in relationship before marriage, now 105 couples got married together

There are always many such cases in the world, which are quite surprising to know about. A similar case has also emerged from Jharkhand, where couples have to live in a live-in relationship before marriage. However, they do not live in live in hobbies, but have to do so in compulsion. At the same time, 105 couples living in live in are now married, which is being discussed everywhere.

Due to poverty in Khunti district, people have to live in live in relationship before marriage. He was despised in the name of Dhuku. Not only this, he was being despised even at the social level. However, now the fate of 105 couples has changed and now they are married. Governor Draupadi Murmu and Central Secretary NN Sinha were also present on this occasion and blessed the new couples. According to the report, since 2017, Nimit Sanstha was explaining these people, but now it has been successful. It is being told that these people were not able to get married because they had neither money nor food to feed their relatives.

‘Couple forced to live in a live-in relationship due to poverty’

It has been said in the report that many times lovers lovers used to get married. However, when people were unable to feed the food, they had to remain separate. People used to call them by the name of Dhuku. Not only this, these couples had to listen to the taunts of the people too. The society used to despise the coming generation as well. Apart from this, these couples also have to face many difficulties in making widow pension, Aadhaar card, ration card. But now their fate has changed and from the Governor to the Secretary to the Central Government, they have announced all possible help to them. Everyone also blessed the newly weds.

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