Saturday , October 23 2021

Woman stuck in difficulties due to her surname, rejects job application, know the reason

Actually, the woman’s name is Priyanka. Who lives in Guwahati, Assam. According to the information, Priyanka had applied for a job in the government company National Seed Corporation Limited but rejected Priyanka’s form only because Priyanka’s surname is Chutiya. Yes… Priyanka is facing a lot of difficulties due to this surname. As soon as Priyanka wrote her surname in the form. So the online software rejected the form itself because of this word. Explain that online software rejects such words. Due to which Priyanka is not able to apply for any job.


Priyanka made a video in the midst of these troubles, however, the job was found after the Facebook video. Which was shared on Facebook? In this video, Priyanka described her pain and mentioned the problem caused by the name. In the video, Priyanka said that people laugh at her because of her surname. Whenever she goes to an interview, people start laughing after hearing her name there too. During this time, the companies reject the job application as soon as they hear the name and now I am tired of these things by telling people that my surname is not abusive. There are similar surnames on the society from which they come. Let us tell that Priyanka belongs to the tribal tribe of Assam. This tribe has surnames of Chutiya and Sutiya. At the same time, Priyanka has got a job after the video went viral.

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