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Woman never breaks coconut because of this, know the reason

Coconut is also known as Shriphal. It is believed that when Lord Vishnu incarnated on earth, he brought with him three things – Lakshmi, coconut tree and Kamadhenu, hence the coconut tree is also called Shriphal. Shri means Lakshmi means coconut, the fruit of Lakshmi and Vishnu. Coconut is believed to be the abode of Tridev i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Shriphal is the most beloved fruit of Lord Shiva. According to the belief, three eyes made of coconut are seen as Trinetra. By eating quince, physical weakness is removed. Offering coconut to Ishta removes money related problems.

Coconut i.e. quince has an important place in the Indian worship system. Any Vedic or divine worship system is considered incomplete without the sacrifice of Shriphal. It is also a fact that women do not break coconuts. Quince is a seed form, so it is considered a factor of production i.e. reproduction. Quince has been linked to fertility. Women give birth to a child from a seed form and therefore it is considered inauspicious for a woman to break a coconut in the form of a seed. Only men break it after offering quince to the deities. There is also a classical law to perform Rudrabhishek on Shivling with coconut water for the peace of Shani.

According to Indian Vedic tradition, Shriphal is considered an indicator of auspiciousness, prosperity, respect, progress and good fortune. A shawl is also presented along with a shawl to pay respect to someone. In Indian social customs also, the tradition of offering quince as an auspicious omen has been going on since ages. To ensure the marriage, that is, at the time of Tilak, Shriphal is offered. Coconut and money are offered at the time of parting. Even at the time of funeral, coconuts are burnt along with the pyre. In Vedic rituals, the dried coconut is ritually buried in the altar.

#Shriphal is rich in calories. Its taste is cold. It contains many nutrients. The juice that comes out of its tender stems is called Neera, it is considered a shameful drink. Drinking coconut water at the time of sleeping strengthens the nervous system and gives good sleep.

Its water contains potassium and chlorine which is similar to mother’s milk. Babies who do not digest milk should be fed coconut water mixed with milk. Coconut water mixed with lemon is drunk when there is de-hydration. Consuming its kernel increases sexual power. By eating sugar candy, the physical weakness of a pregnant woman is removed and the child is beautiful.

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