Sunday , September 19 2021

Why is the daughter not sent to her in-laws’ house on Wednesday, this work should not be done

In Hinduism, Wednesday is considered to be the day of the first revered Ganesha, who is the destroyer of obstacles and auspicious. Ganpati ji is invited before doing any auspicious work in the house. But in spite of all this, do you also know a special thing that daughters are not sent to their in-laws’ house on Wednesday.

Why is it not done

In our scriptures, it is considered inauspicious to send off daughters on Wednesday. Doing this can also worsen the condition of the house. Actually, according to the planetary constellation, Mercury considers Moon as an enemy but Moon does not consider Mercury. The karaka of travel is Moon and the karaka of income or business is Mercury. Therefore, doing any kind of travel on Wednesday can cause damage.

Never make Gajrela, Kheer, Rabri etc. on Wednesday. The girl should never be insulted on Wednesday. Making fun of eunuchs on Wednesday can be harmful.

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