Thursday , July 29 2021

Why does nose bleed, ways to stop it

Sometimes children suddenly start bleeding from the nose. In the medical world, this is called hemorrhage. This problem is often seen in children. It is common for nose to bleed when it is too hot or from an injury. Sometimes this problem is due to infection. You will be surprised to know that the initial symptom of cancer is bleeding from the nose, but most people ignore it. There are two types of nose bleeding, anterior nosebleed or posterior nosebleed. In this, the posterior nosebleed is fatal.

Causes of bleeding nose:

Nose becomes dry due to sinus infection or taking cold-cold medicines. Due to which blood comes out. 

#Blood comes out of the nose even after a blow to the head. For this you should not be careless and contact the doctor immediately.


Do these remedies: 

# When blood starts coming out of a person’s nose, hold their nostrils and make them sit upright. 

# Do not move the head at all and do not let it lie down. 

Never use ice. 

# First apply moisturizer on their nose because then the nose needs moisture. Then after the blood stops, compress it with ice cube.

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