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Why do disc brakes have holes? you know what

Congratulations, we all ride motorcycles. There have also been many changes in motorcycle technology over time. Many of these changes from engine to design have made it easier to drive a motorcycle. For example, earlier trains used to have simple brakes but now vehicles are equipped with ‘disc brakes’. But have you ever thought that the disc

Why are there holes in the brake? Are they really of any use or are the holes simply drilled in different sizes to enhance beauty? Let’s discover then

The brake controls the speed of a moving vehicle. This is the most important part of a car without brakes. When the brake is applied, friction builds up and the vehicle slows down and stops. The ordinary brakes, which used to work, did the same thing but had less capacity. Disc brakes were made to improve. The goal

Disc brakes that look like discs were originally made of iron. It was later discovered that the water caused the disc to rust and deteriorate quickly. Now these brakes are made from stainless steel. Carbon fiber is used in disc brakes of racing bikes. Now let us see why there are holes in the disc brake. 

So it’s not just to show, it’s a science. Abhinandan yayahe There are three main reasons why there are holes in the disc brake.

1) – According to the laws of thermodynamics, where friction occurs, heat is produced there. Then it is natural that the friction that occurs when applying the brakes will produce heat. This heat heats the metal and affects the strength as well as the shape of the metal. Now think about it, how much effect can a single brake have on the disc? Then the heat created by it should be released immediately

So holes have been drilled in the disc.

2) – The second reason is to lose extra weight. You may have noticed that disc brakes made of heavy metal are also heavier. This additional load affects the performance of the vehicle. Although 200-300 grams of weight are easy to handle, it can have a big impact on the performance of the machine. Now some bikes have both front and rear

The wheels are fitted with disc brakes. Losing holes reduces this weight.

3) —– The third reason is protection from water. Imagine, you are traveling with heavy rain and the car is completely wet. Flat brakes and brake pads with no hole discs are also open, as they use brakes and do you need a brake? No! Because moisture will not cause friction. So make a hole to avoid this situation

The pads are padded so that the brake pads can hold a good grip on the wheel and create friction even when wet. 

Now you can realize that the holes drilled in the disc brake are not just for decoration, but for work. If anyone has such doubts, you can solve them by giving the above answer. 

But the congregation, there are disc brakes so as not to drive vigorously and stunt on the road! Only professional people do these stunts at the right place. Remember, disc brakes are designed for safety and not to endanger safety.

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