Saturday , October 23 2021

WHO expert said – there is still a risk in India

A leading expert of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the situation in India regarding the corona epidemic is not yet ‘explosive’, but the country remains at such risk as it moves towards the removal of full-blown implementation in March.
Michelle Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s Health Emergency Situation Program, said on Friday that the time to double the number of corona cases in India is about three weeks at this level. He said in Geneva that the direction of the epidemic is not going to increase manifold, but it is still increasing.

Ryan said that the impact of the epidemic is different in different parts of India and there is a gap between urban and rural areas. He said that in South Asia, not only in India but also in Bangladesh and Pakistan, the epidemic form has not exploded in other countries with a dense population. But there is always a danger of this happening. Ryan said that when the epidemic thrives and builds penetration among communities it can show its outbreak at any time as seen in many places. He said that steps like countrywide Pundbandi in India have kept the pace of the spread of the infection low, but with the resumption of activities in the country there is a danger of increasing the cases.


Ryan said that the steps are taken in India certainly had an impact on reducing the rate of spread of the infection, and like other big countries, the outbreak of epidemics after activities started in India, the movement of people started again. There is always a risk of India has become the sixth-worst affected country in the world, overtaking Italy in the case of the Covid-19 epidemic. After this, the total number of infections in the country has so far reached 2,36,657 and the death toll has reached 6,642.

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