Thursday , October 21 2021

While giving an open threat to India, China said – Stay away from the ongoing dispute with America, otherwise…

New Delhi: Tensions between India and China continue to grow. Meanwhile, China threatened and said, India should stay away from the US-China Dispute dispute. China said that by interfering in this, India can suffer big losses. Experts believe that this dispute started after Corona Infection in China and America, may push the world towards ‘new cold war’.

According to an article in the Chinese government media ‘Global Times’, China said that some powers are asking the Indian government to stand on one side in this ‘cold war’. Such powers do not belong to the official stand of the Indian government and are spreading misinformation and rumors about China. India’s advantage in the Sino-US dispute is very low, but the loss can be huge. Because of this, the Modi government is dealing with this situation very sensibly.

China says that if a new cold war starts and India goes in favor of America, then it can prove to be quite fatal for China and its trade relations. If India becomes the pawn of America, then the trade relations of these two neighboring countries will end, due to which the economy of India, which is still suffering a lot of shocks, can have a very bad effect. For India, nothing can be worse than ruining the economy. We again advise India to think seriously about its relationship with China and get caught in the feeling of internal nationalism.

On the other hand, Home Minister Amit Shah says that talks are going on with China on diplomatic and military level about the current border dispute and hope that this issue will be resolved. At the same time, in a clear warning to Pakistan, Shah said that India will not tolerate any violation on its borders and will respond appropriately to such steps. In an interview given to a private channel, Amit Shah said, ‘Right now the dialogues are going on at the diplomatic and military level and I am confident that this issue will be resolved.’

Amit Shah said, Modi government will not allow international borders to weaken and will take all steps to protect the sovereignty of the country. There should be no doubt in this regard. Regarding Pakistan, Amit Shah said, India has never adopted expansionary policy but it will not tolerate any violation on its borders. If someone tries to do this, we will give a befitting reply. This is our duty and responsibility.

Meanwhile, there are reports that India and China are transporting weapons systems, including heavy equipment, cannon and munitions, to their military bases located near the disputed region of eastern Ladakh. It is being told that the Chinese Army is progressively increasing the storage of cannons, infantry combat vehicles and heavy military equipment at its rear military bases along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh.

The Indian Army is also giving a befitting reply to this move of China. The Indian Army is transporting weapons like equipment and cannon along with additional troops in this area. Also, in the disputed area, the Indian Air Force aircraft are closely monitoring.

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