Friday , September 17 2021

When you read the unique story of a two-time MLA, you will also say- ‘This is what happens to a leader’





Lucknow: The simplicity of BJP leader Dr. Purnamasi Pankaj, a two-time MLA from Bhadohi district of Bhadohi, remains an example. Even in a period of political influence, the living of the two-wheeler Dr Pankaj’s family is driven by pension and farming from the Assembly.

Despite Modi and Yogi’s government in Delhi, Pankaj also harvests wheat and harvests arhar. Pankaj, a former MLA, who hails from the profession of carrying arhar and wheat in the scorching heat, is a resident of Gadaur Gadora village of Durgaganj in Bhadohi district.

In 1993, he faced defeat in the SP-BSP alliance. However, in 1996, Pankaj won the Bhadohi safe for the second time. Bhadohi was extremely popular with the public.

Extremely saddened by the neglect of the party leadership, Pankaj said, “I have been a soldier of the Sangh and the party and will remain alive.” The former MLA does not have a single four wheeler today. Till two years ago, he used to ride his LML Vespa scooter. Even though he now has a bike, the identity is only as a legislator with a scooter.

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