Thursday , October 21 2021

When the baby is born, why immediately start crying, know the reason

When the baby is born, you must have heard different things about her crying. If someone considers it to be related to the mythological period, then it also has a scientific reason. Many times when the baby does not cry immediately after birth, the doctor or nurse makes her cry in some way. Now the question arises that why is it necessary for the baby to cry after birth, why the child cries after birth.

Why baby cries:

The infant does not breathe when it is in the mother’s womb. It is in a sac called the amniotic sac, filled with amniotic fluid. At that time there is no air in the lungs of infants. They also have amniotic fluid in their lungs. In this situation, all the nutrition of the child is received by the mother through the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is cut as soon as the baby comes out of the mother’s body. After this, it is necessary to remove the amniotic fluid from the lungs by hanging the baby upside down so that the lungs are ready to breathe and the air starts circulating.

The baby’s cry for the first time is not only a sign of healthy reproduction, but the newborn’s lungs are fully ready to breathe along with crying.

Crying works for all of this. Actually, the baby takes a deep breath while crying. This is the reason that if the child does not cry himself after birth, he is made to cry by applying a slight slap.

The act of childbirth is painful for both mother and child. The child comes out of the narrow path into the world. The outside environment is different from the environment found inside the mother’s body for her.

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