Monday , June 14 2021

When Ranbir Kapoor found out Deepika Padukone’s phone number in the very first meeting, read the story


Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika’s affair lasted for a long time and it was also discussed a lot. There was a deep friendship between these two during ‘Bachna-e-Haseen’ and gradually they both fell in love with each other.

Both of them were in a serious relationship for almost 3 years. Today we are going to tell you where the two met for the first time and how did the love between them begin?

According to media reports, Ranbir first saw Deepika during the shooting of ‘Om Shanti Om’. According to the news, Deepika and Ranbir had a face-off at Filmistan Studio.


Then she was shooting a film in Filmistan studio. She was walking towards her vanity van during the break from the shooting. Deepika had said that then Ranbir was also free from his shooting and he saw me going towards his vanity van.

According to reports, Ranbir had not only juggled Deepika’s mobile number on the same evening but also called her. But now Deepika Padukone is married to Ranveer Singh, while Ranbir Kapoor is now in a relationship with Alia Bhatt.



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