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‘When America sent soyabean oil to Pakistan in place of F-16 fighter aircraft’, NSA shares 90’s anecdote

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When America sent soyabean oil to Pakistan in place of F-16 fighter aircraft, NSA shares 90’s anecdote

Narrating an anecdote from the 1990s, Pakistan’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Moeed Yusuf said that the U.S. had once sent Soyabean oil to Islamabad in place of a F-16 fighter aircraft. 

Yusuf said that the incident happened in 1990s and Pakistan has been purchasing F-16 aircraft from the U.S. since then. 

Yusuf revealed that Islamabad paid for the fighter aircraft, which was parked somewhere in New Mexico. However, America refused later and sent Soyabean oil instead. 

‘For those of you who don’t know, Pakistan bought F-16s from the US. Through the 90s, there were F-16s that Pakistan had paid for, parked in a desert in New Mexico. The Americans refused to give us the F-16s, charged us parking fee, and ultimately gave us Soyabean oil for those F-16s…and the Soyabean oil did not fly even if we tried,” Yusuf said at a press conference. 

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