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Want to relocate amid pandemic? Here’s the smart way to do it

Want to relocate amid pandemic? Here's the smart way to do it
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Want to relocate amid pandemic? Here’s the smart way to do it

We all have been witness to the havoc wreaked by Covid-19 pandemic across India, and the scenario in the country’s IT capital Bengaluru is no different. The city is already reeling under the second wave of the exodus of city dwellers even as many continue to be stranded, for the fear of coming in contact with people for the purpose of relocation or shifting. Therefore, the question is whether or not one can rely on the movers & packers and is it advisable to shift considering different guidelines in different states. The answer to these pertinent questions lies with relocation partners who thrive majorly on technology.

‘Smart’ citizens of Bengaluru are using technology to find the right partner to help them move their household to their native states or other parts of the city, with lower rentals or infection rates. This need has helped technology players like Migrera, Pikkol, Shift Freight, and traditional giants like Aggrawal Movers & Packers to meet the rising demands.

“With offices again shut due to the pandemic-induced lockdown, I decided to move back to Chennai. Finding a safe and trustworthy mover & packer was an uphill task, especially while ensuring minimal human contact. Thanks to Shift Freight, they helped resolve my concerns. They not only provided a comprehensive service at a very good price, but they also helped me from start to the completion of the shifting process through their app-based customer service support, thereby making the whole experience hassle-free,” John Mathew, IT professional said.

“When we launched our operation right before the first leg of pandemic-induced lockdown in 2020, we were receiving one order a day on an average. As the prolonged lockdown and impact of the novel virus left city dwellers with no option but to relocate to their hometowns, we are currently registering nearly 60 orders each day. The surge can be attributed to our enhancements with regard to the quality of service, which is in sync with the need of the hour,”  Avinash Raghav, Co-founder & MD, Shift Freight, said.

“People need end-to-end tracking of their shipment, porters who are highly professional, use masks, sanitizers and adhere to other Covid-related norms. We ensure strict adherence in this regard and in fact, have made these the prerequisites of getting any business from us. Bengaluru has been a major source of our revenue since inception and the city continues to top the list as far as relocation and shifting are concerned,” he added.

On the other hand, some people are utilising the pandemic to purchase property at a good bargain. 

“The remote working culture following the pandemic outbreak led to a slump in the residential as well as commercial real estate market. This untoward development also came as an opportunity for some of us. For instance, I capitalized on the opportunity to buy a ready-to-move-in flat within Bengaluru. Thanks to technology, I was able to plan and execute my shift to the new location by just using my smartphone. I compared the best service providers and tariff offered, which helped me to relocate in the most efficient and smooth manner,” Manish Aggarwal, marketing manager at a multinational firm, said.

The third wave is imminent and people are already moving out of cities for a long haul. Businesses might have surged for tech-based as well as traditional companies in the segment, however, the long-term solutions lies in all stakeholders taking a collective responsibility and charting a course beneficial for all.

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