Voice queen Lata Mangeshkar alone is the mistress of crores

Today is the birthday of the singer of music, Lata Mangeshkar. Lata ji has contributed a lot to Hindi cinema. She has sung thousands of songs. Seeing the financial condition of the house, Lata Ji started singing. At the age of 13, Lata Ji’s father died and the responsibility of the house fell on her. She knew nothing but singing, so she started looking for a playback singer’s job. It was not easy for her but she persevered and eventually became the top singer of Bollywood.

Today everyone is crazy about Lata Ji’s voice. Lata got 25 rupees for singing on stage for the first time. She considers it her first earning. According to Yatindra Mishra’s book ‘Lata Sur Gatha’, Lata Ji used to spend the whole day drinking water at a time. In this book ‘Lata Sur Gatha’, I told, “I often used to get tired while recording and I also used to get very hungry. At that time, there was a canteen in the recording studio, but I do not remember that I get something better to eat. Only tea and biscuits etc. were available and the whole day would go on a couple of cups of tea or two or four such biscuits. Many times, the day was spent only drinking water and it was not noticed that I should also drink tea after going to the canteen. It was always in my mind that somehow I just have to see my family.

Lata Ji, who earns a few rupees at a time, is the owner of property worth crores. According to a report, the total property of famous singer Lata Mangeshkar is around 50 million USD. Which is about 368 crores in Indian Rupees. Lata Ji lives in Prabhu Kunj Bhawan located on Pedder Road in South Mumbai. According to reports, Lata Mangeshkar is also fond of cars.

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