Tuesday , October 19 2021

Vidya Balan’s film ‘Natkhat’ will premiere today at the Global Festival

The first film produced by Vidya Balan premiered today at the Digital Film Festival – Actress Vidya Balan has also become a producer. Vidya has produced a short film called ‘Natkhat’. The film will be screened today at a digital film festival called ‘We are One: A Global Festival’.

Vidya said, “Due to Covid-19, film festivals around the world have been canceled. In such a situation, digital festivals like ‘We are One’ remain the hope of the audience and filmmakers. I am happy and excited to bring my film on this platform. ‘Naughty’ is made on such an issue, which is timely and important at this time. In this, we have also given a big message to the society. “

This festival of digital films will be held on YouTube channel for 10 days. In addition to the Mumbai Film Festival, it will include Berlin, Cannes, Venice, Sundance, Toronto, New York, BFI London, Kalorvie Vary, Locarno.


The film addresses patriarchy and toxic masculinity while dealing with many issues such as gender inequality, rape culture and domestic violence. The short film ‘Natkhat’ has been written by compassionate Harsh and Shaan Vyas. Vidya is the producer of the film, she will also be seen in the role of a hero in the film.

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