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Uttar Pradesh: Kalyugi daughter along with her lover killed her mother, police solved the mystery with the help of call details

It is said that no matter how clever the culprit is, but someone definitely commits some mistake. In the case that came out from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh, this saying fits perfectly. Here a Kaliyugi daughter, along with her lover, killed her own mother. The daughter and her lover killed the woman by hitting her on the head with a brick.

At the same time, during the interrogation of the police, the daughter and her lover have confessed to the murder of the mother. The police have registered a case against both the daughter and her lover and sent them to jail.

Father had gone to drive tractor, when he came home, he trembled to see his wife dead.

There was a stir in the whole village after the body of a woman covered in blood was found in the courtyard of a house in Hussainnagar village of Unnao Sadar Kotwali area on Thursday morning. The police who reached the spot was also surprised to see the matter. SP Anand Kulkarni told that a 50-year-old woman was murdered in Hussainnagar. Police said that the husband of the deceased woman works as a tractor driver. On Wednesday, he had gone to plow the field in Purva Kotwali area with a tractor. He was survived by his 45-year-old wife Pappi, 17-year-old daughter and two sons at home.

At around 2.30 pm, the daughter told the father that the mother was lying in the courtyard in a blood-drenched condition. The daughter also informed the neighbors about this.

Police disclosed the murder on the basis of call details

It was a challenge even for the police who reached the spot to disclose the incident. The police questioned the daughter of the deceased and both the sons present on the spot. So told that he did not hear any noise and sound of any kind. After which the police suspected the daughter and on the basis of suspicion, the police took the mobile possession of the deceased and her daughter and extracted the call details with the help of surveillance.

The call details of the daughter’s phone confirmed the conversation with Salman, who lives in the neighborhood, till 4 am on Thursday. After which the police interrogated Salman by taking him into custody, then he broke down and accepted the murder.

Daughter standing with her finger in her ear watching her mother die

Salman told in the police interrogation that the girlfriend had called him home on Wednesday night. The girl’s mother did not like her and Salman’s talk at all. That is why Salman had made up his mind to kill his mother. The accused told that when he reached the house of his girlfriend, his mother was sleeping. After which he attacked the puppy sleeping on the cot with the help of his girlfriend. When Pappi confronted Salman to save himself, he was dragged into the courtyard and attacked him with a brick and killed him.

During this, the mother kept screaming and screaming to save herself in front of the daughter, but the daughter put her finger in her ear and did not even look at her mother.

On the basis of the statement of the accused, the police also brought the daughter of the deceased to the police station for questioning. The daughter accepted the truth of killing in front of the police. Police have registered a case against both.

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