Thursday , September 23 2021

Uttar Pradesh: Al Qaeda terrorists were plotting serial blasts, had also made full preparations to escape, revealed in ATS interrogation

On the third day of remand, the ATS’s interrogation of suspected terrorists Minhaj and Musheer continued. Minhaj and Musheer are not revealing much openly. Both were trying to divert the words of the ATS officers. However, a lot of information has also been received from the documents of both. In the interrogation so far, Minhaj has told many information related to the commander to the ATS.

Minhaj has told that the commander had told about the explosion at many places, but also said that the information would be given before detonating it. Both the commanders of Al Qaeda were to come to Lucknow in this connection and during the meeting with Minhaj Mansoor it was to be decided whether the explosion would be done with a human bomb or not.

Tips given through video

If a human bomb explodes, then who will become a human bomb? Apart from the human bomb, how and where the explosion would be done, it was also to be decided in this meeting. Minhaj and Mansoor were given tips through some videos. The al-Qaeda commander had also prepared a plan for evacuation after the blasts of Minhaj Mansour and his associates. They had to get the vehicles through the travel agency to escape. Where is this travel agency, Minhaj and Mansoor were not given any information about it.

complete escape plan

The map of the escape route of these terrorists was also prepared in advance and the commander had asked Minhaj to share its details before the blast. The commander did not reveal the entire conspiracy to Minhaj. The commander was going to meet Minhaj and Mansoor in his tour and give complete information about the operation.

Complete information about UP to the commander

Minhaj has told in the interrogation that no map was burnt inside the garage as no map had been made available to him by the commander yet. According to the information received from Minhaj, the commander had prepared many types of maps regarding the operation, which were to be given to those people soon. Minhaj has also told that that commander was fully aware of the geographical situation of UP.

The ATS has received information that people from different places often used to visit Minhaj’s battery shop. Minhaj used to lure them to get jobs. It was from here that Minhaj also became friends with Mansoor and Shakeel.

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