Thursday , October 21 2021

US warning – China should not use its power to resolve disputes with neighbors

America (America), which has been continuously attacking against China, has once again targeted the ‘dragon’. After US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, now the head of the US Foreign Affairs Panel, Eliot Angle, has commented harshly on the India-China border dispute, calling China’s attitude extremely bad.

He has said that I am worried about the tension between India-China. It is clear from the attitude of China that it is adopting an aggressive attitude rather than settling the dispute with international rules, this is not right.

Diplomatically and strategically resolved matters

He also warned China strongly that we should not live in a world in which all decisions should be taken only with strength. China should settle the matter diplomatically and strategically instead of power.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that China is using its strategic position to its advantage. He said that China has been creating bad conditions for its neighbor India.

Let us tell you that the US has offered mediation on the India-China dispute, although India has said every time that it is capable of resolving bilateral matters and that it is constantly in talks with China in this regard.

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