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US President Joe Biden ‘hated’ Trump’s name being uttered in his presence in White House, reveals new book

President Joe Biden arrives at the White House upon arrival
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President Joe Biden arrives at the White House upon arrival Tuesday.

In January 2021, United States newly-elected President Joe Biden moved into The White House, but he initially had difficult times in adjusting to his new home, reveals new Trump book ‘Peril’ released on Tuesday.

According to authors, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Biden had to adjust a lot since he felt Trump’s presence permeated the White House.

The book reveals that one night there was a moment when Joe Biden had actually called referred to Trump as ‘f*****g a****e.

It happened when Biden saw a big video screen on a wall in Trump’s room which the former President had installed to virtually play golf. 

‘One night, Biden went into his room where he saw a huge video screen had covered the wall. To relax, Trump used to upload programs to virtually playing the world’s most famous golf courses,’ the book mentions.

According to the book, it was lonely, cold for President Joe Biden to initially adjust in the White House.

The book further reveals that Joe Biden didn’t like the ex-President’s name ‘Trump’ being taken in his presence.

The President and other White House staff used to refer to Trump as ‘the T word’.

The book states how firm Joe Biden was on US troops withdrawal date from Afghanistan.

Joe Biden reportedly overruled objections made by Secretaries of State and Defence who advised a phased withdrawal and working on a political settlement with the Taliban, reveals the book.

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