Thursday , October 21 2021

US magazine Town & Country included Nita Ambani in the list of top philanthropists, praised for helping during Coranavirus

Delhi. America’s leading general-interest magazine Town & Country has included Nita Ambani and Reliance Foundation in its list of top philanthropists of 2020 in its summer issue. He has been bestowed with this honor for helping in combative action by preventing the coronavirus epidemic. The magazine’s cover story states that Ambani has played a leading role in the Reliance Foundation’s efforts to feed the poor and laborers, make financial contributions, and establish the country’s first Kovid-19 hospital.

Tim Cook, Michael Bloomberg and Oprah Winfrey also figure in the list

Nita Ambani is the only Indian in this list of top philanthropists. Eminent celebrities like Tim Cook, Oprah Winfrey, Lawrence Powell Jobs, the Louder family, Donatella Versace, Michael Bloomberg, Leonardo DiCaprio are also included in this list. Town & Country is America’s leading lifestyle magazine. It is the oldest continuously published magazine in the US. It has been published since 1846. Every year an entire issue of this magazine is devoted to Philanthropists. The magazine said that this year’s issue is a bit more important. These people are saving our lives under historical circumstances. Raising hope in us.

What does philanthropy mean

Philanthropy is a Greek word according to the magazine. It means love for mankind. But it is also an idea. It brings light into the darkness. Hope in despair arouses. It provides relief in times of crisis. It means generosity while giving justice to all.

Ambani and Reliance Foundation’s contribution appreciated

Regarding the contribution of the Ambani and Reliance Foundation, the magazine said that Reliance Foundation provided food to millions of workers and poor and distributed masks to them, built the country’s first Kovid-19 hospital and donated $ 7.2 million to an emergency fund. Reliance Foundation is the philanthropic unit of Reliance Industries. Neeta Ambani is the founder and chairperson of this foundation.

Committed to helping government and community: Ambani

On this occasion, Nita Ambani said that always relief and resources have to be delivered in times of crisis. In such a situation a sense of simplicity and service is required. Over time we at Foundation and Reliance Industries have prepared ourselves to act immediately and in a multi-faceted and orderly manner in times of crisis. We are happy that our works are recognized globally. We are committed to helping the government and our community in their time of need in philanthropy.

The covid-19 hospital was ready in just 2 weeks

Reliance Foundation established the country’s first Covid-19 hospital in March. The hospital located in Mumbai was started with 100 beds. It was completed in just two weeks. COVID patients started being admitted to this hospital from late March. The number of beds was increased to 220 in April. The foundation started a nationwide food service, called Grain Service. Under this, 5 crore meals have been provided so far. It has become the largest corporate mile program in the world. The Foundation also provides online medical assistance, home quarantine facility to Kovid patients in Mumbai, assistance to rural communities, food and healthcare to domestic and domestic animals and cattle. Reliance Industries has also started manufacturing masks and PPE.

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