Tuesday , October 26 2021

Urfi Javed again wore a very small top! the troll said – is there confidence or ruckus

Urfi Javed Backlass Look: ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ fame Urfi Javed has been photographed wearing a top smaller than a handkerchief to show his confidence.

‘Bigg Boss OTT’ fame actress Urfi Javed has been continuously getting the attention of people since the past. The reason for this is the bold look that comes to the fore. In the past, Urfi had written a long post about the marks and pimples on his back. At the same time, once again his backless avatar is seen crossing all limits. Because the top that Urfi is wearing is smaller than any ordinary handkerchief.

Ruckus on short top

Urfi Javed has once again created a ruckus on social media with his pictures. Urfi has shared three pictures, of which one is from the front and in two she is showing her back in a stylish style. The top of Urfi is not being digested by the people. Let us tell you that this is a handkerchief style top, in which there is only a small cloth from the front and it is tied with a thin strip at the back. See these pictures…

Confidence or ruckus Sharing these pictures, Urfi Javed wrote in her caption, ‘No competition for confidence.’ Urfi is getting trolled after boldness and such captions in the picture. In her picture, a user has written that is it confidence or ruckus?, while another has written that she has shown her waist so many times that people have even remembered the mole of Urfi’s waist. Although some people have also called her the confidence queen.

top made from socks

Let us tell you that the pictures of Urfi Javed keep going viral on social media every day. The bold avatar of the actress often remains in discussion among the fans. Sometimes a plastic bag, a top showing bra, and sometimes a top made of socks, her dress comes out as a viral material every time. So now once again Urfi is on target of people for her strange dress.

If I wanted publicity, I would have gone without clothes.

Now Urfi Javed had a statement about one of his looks that instead of talking about him, people only talk about outfits. At the same time, he also said that if publicity was wanted, he would have gone without clothes. He said that I am more than my clothes. Why don’t people talk about me? He further said that be it bikini or salwar-suit, there are always lewd comments. Despite being from a conservative family, her choice of clothes was never an issue. The actress said that the style of her clothes comes from the places where she has gone.

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