Wednesday , October 20 2021

Uploaded wife’s picture and number online, said- ‘If you want to have sex…’

Today, the cases of crime coming up are not taking the name of the stoppage. In such a case, the matter which has come up recently is that of Thuthia of Uttar Pradesh. In this case,  a person did not get a bike in dowry, then he sold his wife’s honor online. In this case, a man named Puneet, who lives in Thuthia village of UP’s Mehannagar police area, wanted to sell his wife’s honor online only because she did not get a motorcycle in dowry. In this case, the fathers-in-law did not give the bike in dowry, then Puneet was angry and he used to torture his wife for the bike the next day.

At the same time, he also allegedly beaten his wife. At the same time, when his wife had gone to stay with her parents after getting fed up with the harassment of Puneet, he became angrier. After that, he put his wife’s photo online on social media. Everything was fine till now, but he had also written his wife’s mobile number under the photo and started telling strangers to talk to his wife instead of money and asked her to have sex. After the strange calls of people started coming to Puneet’s wife.

After this, she lodged a complaint in the cyber cell. In this case, the PRO office of Sanjay Singh said, “On Monday, we arrested Puneet and sent him to jail. This is an unusual case of crime against a woman. We will try our best to ensure that the accused gets the harshest punishment. ” By the way, this is not the first case to come for dowry, but before that, many such cases have come up which have surprised people.

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