Sunday , September 19 2021

UP: The ‘Secret Code of Terror’ was written in the diary found from the Al Qaeda terrorist, the meaning of ‘Friends are coming to cook meat’ was also revealed

Investigation is going on regarding the Al Qaeda terrorists caught from Lucknow in the wake of terrorist conspiracy in UP. In the case, now the UP ATS has got many secret codes and information in the black diary found from terrorist Minhaj. In which there is also mention of Tawhid before Bakrid and Musa coming to Lucknow. The items used in the attack such as pressure cooker bomb, e-rickshaw, pistol and many words of planning were given secret codes.

In the information received from the diary by the investigating agencies, it has come to know that different code words were kept for different things. For example, the code of the pistol recovered from Minhaj’s house was ‘Book of Number 3’. Along with this, the code word of pressure cooker bomb was ‘Book of number 9’. In the black diary, the time bomb is written in the code word for the cracker, the country bomb made from twine. Similarly, e-rickshaw is written as flying saucer in the code word.

What was ‘riding work’?

It was found written in the diary – bedbugs have to be fed sheermal and kebabs which means to make a big attack, in the form of an explosion. This message was written twice in the diary, which means that it is believed that Minhaj must have received this message twice. Not only this, terrorists were using the code word ‘rider wala kaam’ to find e-rickshaws without registration. Many secrets of the planning of terrorists have come to the fore in the diary found by the investigating agencies. The terrorists used to call the group by the name of flight while talking on the phone in Kashmir or outside the country. The terrorists used to say that ‘the first flight, the second flight’ has gone. The first flight is gone, meaning the first team has left the house.

Everyone had to memorize all the code words

He had become so familiar with these codes that none of the members of the module had ever taken the word of the name out of his mouth. Many Urdu words are also written on different pages inside the diary. In which there are words like or Khuda, Mission, Allah. About whom ATS is now finding out what is the meaning of writing them. UP ATS has done another code break. In which it is said that friends are coming to cook meat. This meant Tauheed and Musa were about to come to Lucknow.

There was a code to blast before Bakrid – Qurbani

A code was also written in the diary that I have read the book i.e. have done Reiki. There are 7 pages in the book i.e. 7 places the crime can be carried out. Another code found in the diary put the investigating agencies in a tizzy, in which it was written that the book has been printed i.e. has become a bomb. The book has been delivered, that is, the attacking material has been kept at the place. The words library, dustbin or rack were used to keep things like pressure cooker bombs, weapons, which are mentioned in the diary. Along with this, the code of the word Qurbani is written in the word diary for the plan to blast before Bakrid.

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