Sunday , September 19 2021

UP: Suspects were withdrawing money from ATM with 150-200 cards, people caught inside

In Agra, Uttar Pradesh, some ATM card thugs were arrested on the spot due to the understanding of the people. One-and-a-half-two hundred ATM cards have been found from the three suspects arrested. The incident is of India One ATM located on Agra-Delhi Highway.

Three suspected persons, who were withdrawing money from India One ATM located on Agra-Delhi highway in Etmadpur area of ​​Agra, were nabbed by local shopkeepers on Thursday while three others escaped. 150 to 200 ATM cards have been found from the three arrested people. The local people handed over all three to the police. The police is interrogating them.

Trying to withdraw cash again and again by changing ATM card

The case is of India One ATM located at Kuberpur Square in Agra. There, at eight o’clock on Thursday morning, six youths had entered the cabin of the ATM, when a shopkeeper reached there to withdraw money. He stood outside watching. The youths standing inside were trying to withdraw cash again and again by changing the ATM card. Then the shopkeeper standing outside called the people around, showing understanding. After this, when the youths who entered inside were questioned, they got flustered.

Three youths escaped, three arrested

Meanwhile, three youths got out and fled with the car. But in the cabin of the ATM, three youths were caught by the local people. When the bag found with the youth was searched, 150 to 200 ATM cards were found in it. The local people called the police and handed them over to the three. The police team took the three suspects to the police station Etmadpur. His interrogation is going on there. In this regard, Inspector Anuj Kumar Saini of Etmadpur police station said that interrogation of the arrested youths is going on.

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