Thursday , October 21 2021

UP: Primary schools to be opened from July 1 amid epidemic coronavirus

New DelhiThe school has been announced in Uttar Pradesh amid the epidemic coronavirus (CoronaVirus Covid-19). Now all government primary schools will be opened from July 1, but teachers and principals will have to come to school. This order has been issued by the Director-General of Basic Education Vijay Kirananand. The Director-General of Education told that from July 1, teachers and principals should be present in schools and complete the necessary work. In this, the first step is to ensure the entry of children from 6 to 14 years under the Sharda Abhiyan. Teachers also have to complete their training through the Diksha app.

At the same time, training of the foundation, attention, and training collection developed by the state government is also proposed. From July 20, the block education officer will make a batch of 25-25 teachers.

Apart from this, teachers have to complete the work of sending books to children and getting their uniforms done. During this time, teachers have to make admission for differently-abled children through the Samarth App. For this, teachers have to go from village to village and register such children.

Please tell that due to the Corona epidemic, all schools and colleges have been closed since March 22 due to the lockdown enforced across the country. However, students are not being called to school right now. However, UP Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma had earlier indicated that the students would be considered to call the school only after August 15.


Significantly, the number of corona positive cases in the world reached 91 lakhs on 21 June. According to the Worldometer, there were a total of 91.20 lakh cases of corona in the world late Monday. 8.80 lakh and this number will cross one crore when the case comes. Around 9 lakh cases have been reported in the world between June 15 and 20, that is, in six days. If this pace continues, on June 27, there will be 10 million corona cases in the world.

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